Posted by: puebloman | February 3, 2010

Ratzi the Nazi

So. Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Alois Ratzinger, “the Rat”,  is up to his old tricks again. Having tried to interfere with Spanish democracy over the abortion bill, and having been courteously told to piss off by the Cortes, he now writes a snivelling self pitying letter to his British cardinals, encouraging them to interfere with the British equality bill presently going through parliament. He tells them that while Britain’s “firm commitment to equality of opportunity for all” is commendable, it runs contrary to what he calls “natural law”.

Someone should tell him that there is nothing natural about law, or about justice. These things are unnatural and are what make us better than the dumb animals the pope would like us to be. Britain is rotton with religious apologists who claim that modern democracy is based on christian principals. Nothing could be further from the truth. Law and justice based on reason was gained through the sacrifice of decent people who in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries were burned at the stake , and in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were deprived of liberty, employment, social position and family life by the christian establishment for their sincerely held freethinking convictions.

Of course the lack of freedom which the Rat laments refers to the fact that the law will limit Catholic bigotry towards gay people. In his opposition, the pope is out of step with his priests, who largely understand and sympathise with same sex sexuality. They like it,  even find it irresisible – especially when the partner is under age.

The pope as a nazi youth

transformed by the love of Jesus


  1. I read about this yesterday and was quite taken aback. As the leader of the largest Christian denomination, he certainly isn’t acting very Christian! He should be elated that the UK is trying to protect and promote equality and dignity for all people regardless of, well, anything and everything. What happened to that whole “we’re all God’s children” stuff? If the Catholic Church or any other religious institution wants to become an employer of secular individuals for non-religious duties, it must abide by the same rules every other employer has to deal with!


    • I know – where’s Jesus in all this?


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