Posted by: puebloman | February 10, 2009

A dog’s life

Ten things I love about living in Andalucia:

The wonderful light that makes colour vibrant

The fantastic landscape of the mountains and foothills

The long light days

The street parties – one a month at least

Fried fish

No police, no CCTV surveillance

Cante Jondo


Menu Del Dia

The perfume of orange, lemon and grapefruit blossom

Ten things I hate about living in Andalucia

Useless stupid yappy little Spanish house dogs

The all night barking of Spanish house dogs

Dog shit everywhere

Unneutered dogs and cats and their starving offspring

Wild ‘Campo dogs’ that tear up rubbish bags and strew rubbish everywhere

Pop-pop bikes and their 12 year old riders

Loud boogy-pop ‘sports’ cars and their 12 year old drivers

Ex pats who won’t speak Spanish

Expats who talk down Spain and Spanish people

Expat rip-off traders who cheat their own kind


  1. Let me guess – you have just had a bad incident involving dogs! LOL.


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