Posted by: puebloman | April 2, 2009

Senior moments

This week in Almachar is senior citizens week. One reason we live here, among many, is the horror of growing old in England. Respect for older people is traditional to the culture of the Pueblo and manifests itself in many ways, not least in this week’s “Semana del Mayor”. A strong thread of chocolate and dancing runs through the festival events, and the week runs something like this:

Monday: Inaugural ceremony with the Mayor. In the afternoon, the award of prizes. There is a prize for services to senior citizens (This year it goes to Almachar’s association of women), a prize for the “Grandmother of Almachar” and a diploma for all citizens of the Pueblo who reached their 65th birthday this year. This ceremony is followed by cocktails and aperitivos for all.

Tuesday: Senior citizens’ Mediterranean breakfast, following by historical retrospective on Almachar, by means of an “intergenerational encounter” between senior citizens and the children of the village. In the afternoon –  a production of the “Constant wife” by Somerset Maugham, put on by a company of senior citizens from Puerto de la Torre. Also theatre and music performed by the Almachar “Friends of flamenco”.

Wednesday: Coach excursion to Malaga University including a visit to the botanical gardens.

Thursday: A senior citizens’ organised walk under the scheme “Walk to live”. In the afternoon, to balance out the walk,  a “Chocolate and Puddings” event.  Home made stuff from Almachar, and contributions from the ex-pat senior citizens of puddings from the UK, Ireland and Holland.

Friday: A cultural encounter between the senior citizens of Almachar and those of other local villages, then music. “Verdiales”, which is local folk music, performed by the senior citizens of Comares, followed by a free lunch for everyone over 60, followed by dancing in the afternoon including performances of flamenco and choreographed pieces from Almachar and local villages. The ex-pat senior citizens will contribute a performance of the “Gay Gordons”.

It beats staring at a wall in an old folks home stinking of piss.  Don’t you think?


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