Posted by: puebloman | November 12, 2009

Fishy business 3

Phone Call . . .

Long Ring , Long Ring,

She: Hola?

Me: Hello, is that the British Embassy in Malaga?

She: It is

Me: Can I talk to the person who deals with spanish fishing licences?

She: No one here does that sir, that’s a matter for the spanish authorities.

Me: But I understand that someone at the Embassy could write me a letter? I have  an English fishing licence, you see.

She: Well there is someone who can write you a letter which simply affirms that your licence is in fact a licence, but I couldn’t say to you that the Spanish department of the environment could grant you a licence based on that . .

Me: I understand that there is a charge for this lett . .

She : 40 euros

Me: And what do I do with . .

She: You take the letter across the road to the “Media Ambiente” the department of the Environment fourth floor, and they may regard our headed notepaper as sufficient authority to grant you a licence in which case you will be on their list of applicants who have been granted a licence and the next time you apply . .

Me: But I have already applied with my licence and passport and been rejected

She: I’m afraid I couldn’t comment on that sir, although you may now be regarded as a failed applicant and that may prejudice any further applications on your part. I really couldn’t say. We are an Embassy, we may not interfere or attempt to interfere with the administrative processes of a host country . .

Me : 40 euros

She: 40 euros. Its very effective. The last bloke who came in got licenced till 2011. . .


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