Posted by: puebloman | November 23, 2009

Reicht you are!

Readers will be concerned to hear that the well-known British MEP and ex Nazi, BNP boss Nick Griffin has through no fault of his own found himself involved in an unseemly punch-up on the anniversary of the death of General Franco in Madrid last week.

How Nick found himself at this anniversary party is hard to say. His public denials of his nazi past lead us to believe it must have been a mistake. No doubt he was on holiday in Spain and unaccountably found himself in Madrid on the anniversary of Franco’s death and was accosted by a bunch of nazis he didn’t like who dragged him off to a party against his better judgement.

The party was apparently organised by the Spanish “National Democracy Party” (fascists). Many European Fascists attended including Roberto Flore, the leader of Italy’s Forza Nuova party (fascists), and Nick of course who only used to be a nazi but was unaccountably let off and still allowed to attend.

Well, the “National Democracy Party” had thrown out some of its nazis for being too cruel, and they formed themselves into a party called the “Patriotic Socialist Movement” (fascists). And they were outside because they weren’t allowed in and they started fighting and the police moved in and . .well . .sometimes I wonder whether the Spanish right are capable of organising themselves. They seem to split and split, with the splinter groups all at each others throats. Are they capable of governance?

Other incidents occurred as they do every year on the anniversary of Franco’s death at the “Valley of the Fallen”. The name of the valley does not, as some might think, indicate sad bastards and failures though many of those are buried there. It is in fact  the monument to “El Caudillo”. Massive, like the pyramids, but entirely lacking the decorous restraint of Egyptians, it is supposed to glorify the fascist dead of the Civil War. Increasingly, however,  it serves to immortalise the slave labour used to build it – a nation of opposition to Spanish Fascism.


  1. I saw a report of the fight and my immediate reaction was that it was better they fight each other than start on anyone else, but I hadn’t realised that Griffin was there. Interesting.


    • Reported in El Pais. The BNP declined to comment on Griffin’s attendance there and at the Valley of the Fallen.


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