Posted by: puebloman | March 20, 2010

‘efebofilia’ – the Pope redefines pedophilia

In advance of the Pope’s “pastoral letter” to Irish Catholics, the Vatican has put out a propaganda statement through the broadcasting and media instruments it controls. The statement is followed by questions from Vatican functionaries.

The statement was made by Monsignor Charles J Scicluna.  Msgr. Scicluna is the Pope’s “hard man” – the “promoter of justice” of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He is effectively the prosecutor of the tribunal of the former Holy Office, whose job it is to investigate the crimes the Catholic Church considers as being the most serious of all including crimes against the sixth Commandment (“thou shall not commit impure acts”) committed by a cleric against a person under the age of eighteen.

Charles J. Scicluna explaining why Catholic priests rape and sexually molest minors

Q: How many (pedophile priests) have you dealt with so far?

A: Overall in the last nine years (2001-2010) we have considered accusations concerning around three thousand cases of diocesan and religious priests, which refer to crimes committed over the last fifty years.

Q: That is, then, three thousand cases of paedophile priests?

A: No, it is not correct to say that. In more or less 60 per cent of the cases, it is a question rather of acts of ‘efebofilia’, that is to say, of physical attraction for adolescents of the same sex. 30 per cent involve  relations with heterosexual adolescents and the remaining 10 per cent is real pedophilia, that is to say, of a sexual attraction for prepubescent children.

This statement is incredible. Efebofilia is a fancy word for the sexual attraction of an older man for an adolescent boy. It suggests that the Vatican condones pederasty, the sexual molestation or rape of adolescent children and that it distinguishes this from the “real” pedophilia, presumably the rape of babies. Scicluna goes on to suggest that this 10% – “real” pedophilia is lower than the incidence of sexual crime in the Protestant and Jewish faiths and in the family. He then asks why these institutions are not similarly  being held to account.

By engaging in statistical manipulation and counter accusation the Vatican is doing what every child molester in denial does – seeking to turn itself – the abuser, into the victim.  No-one is fooled


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  2. I think pedophilia and ebofilia are both sings, especially if committed by prists, or religious educators.


  3. Ephebophilia and pedophilia are really two different things, it is not an euphemism.
    Pedophilia shows sexual attraction towards pre-pubescent kids.
    Ephebophilia is also known as the “Lolita Complex”, post-pubescent teens.
    Ephebophilia (15 to 19) is not illegal in many cultures, in fact, in some cultures it becomes the legal marrying age. My grandma got married when she was 15 years old. In some other cultures, girls are considered to be too old (like in Kazakhstan) if they are still unmarried when they hit their twenties.

    In another hand, Pedophilia (0 to 12 yrs old)is much less ambiguous, and it is sanctioned in almost all cultures.

    You might wonder what about the between these two, there is another categorization for children in puberty (12 to 15): Hebephilia, which is also taboo.

    You might think these are all semantics, but semantics define everything.

    PS: Just to make it clear, I don’t condone any illegal activity. I condemn the corruption of the souls of the innocents. Any case of child molestation should be prosecuted and be punished. I am just trying to be fair. I don’t think this priest was trying to minimize the sins, just trying to be specific about the nature of the sins.
    Even if the priest molested adult women/men, he would know very well he deserves Hell, infinitely aggravated by his ministerial position.



    • Thanks for this LaLa. I wouldn’t want to be accused of being antisemantic.


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