Posted by: puebloman | March 12, 2009

Los Pajeros

We recently had the pleasure of the company of an old friend, Paul Griffiths, who is an hispanophile, musician and poet. Paul came to Andalucia to recover from a painful operation and we were able to take him to the hot health spa at Alhama de Granada. On his return he sent us this poem which I’d like to share. I don’t yet speak much Spanish, but it seems to have something of the feeling of “Hiawatha”. Could this man be the Spanish Longfellow? The tender sentiments shine out, obliterating the language barrier. Hope you like it!

¡Ay, Alhama de Granada!

Agua caliente, aire helado.

Sube la Sierra Tejeda,

Atravesé las más altas llanuras.

Con su ayuda famosa

Esperé que me recuperara.

Mis enfermedades desaparecerían

En el azufre que se arremolinara

En el agua enriquecido

De sus baños maravillosos.

¡Pero, ay, Alhama de Granada!

En buscando su almohada líquida

En que apoyar mi esperanza,

Encontré una vista grotesca,

Cuatro taxistas, pajeros,

Masturbándose en el agua sagrado.

¡Ay, Alhama de Granada!

¡Agua y reputación contaminadas!

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