Posted by: puebloman | March 13, 2009

"Living the dream" my daily routine in the South of Spain


My working day is very different from when in London. Here it’s all physical, practical and dependent on common sense – something I don’t have much of. Judy and I have monday meeting where we designate deadlines and responsible officers (Jude or me). We then go away with a list. Mine looks something like this: repot the vine, paint the front of the big house, repair ceilings as required, sand and varnish the woodwork, write a contract form for customers, wash sheets, iron sheets, do spanish homework, cook meal for guests, meet guests, serve meal. Finish concreting the terrace, change gas bottles, hire (buy?) a dehumidifier, cut wood from Paco Manchester’s dead almond grove, shop for veg at the Thursday market in Velez, plant out tomatoes, weed the mangoes, repair the irrigation, crop the broad beans, crop oranges, juice the lemons, buy more seedling lettuce. Update blog. Write a Rambling page for the website, confirm hospital appointment in Malaga and London. Order insulin online, restock bleach, scourers, red wine. . . . .


  1. Sounds very familiar, but minus the insulin etc! So I guess Jude gets to sit around, eat chocolates and read? Just kidding, sorry Judy!


  2. Nono, Jude has a longer list than I have, and has to lok after me too!


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